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  • Objective

    For formulating academic programmes
    prescribing and maintaining standards in Education and Examinations,Organ-
    izing Examinations and awarding Dip-
    loma in engineering education to Inst-
    itutes (not affiliated to University),the State Government established the
    Board of Technical Education also with
    headquarters at Guwahati.

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  • Services and Role

    The various steps taken for the progress of Technical Education in Assam

    • Infrastructural Development of Existing engineering colleges and polytechnics.
    • The introduction of new disciplines and introduction of Master and Ph.d level of Education.
    • Establishment of new Engineering Colleges for expansion of Technical Education in the State of Assam.
    • The intake capacity of Degree level has been raised from 590 to 3873 during 2010.

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Welcome to Directorate of Technical Education, Assam!

Welcome to the official site of Director of Technical Education, Assam.

This site offers various information regarding Director of Technical Education, Assam.

Directorate of Technical Education maintains the government technical and polytechnics institutes in Assam.

Technical Education in Assam started with the establishment of POW Institute before independence. Establishment of Assam Engineering Institute and later establishment of Assam Engineering College was the beginning of Technical Education in the State of Assam. It has been a long journey of evolution of State technical Education in the State of Assam. It has been a long journey of evolution of State technical education and still progressing.

Directorate of Technical Education, Assam was established at 1960. Now there are 2 Engineering Colleges, 11 Polytechnic Colleges and various Colleges of Fine Arts, Technical High Schools, Govt. Commercial Institutes, Tailoring and Garment Making Training Centres and Vocational Training Centres under the Department. More than 4000 employees, belonging to different categories are working in these institutions. Director of Technical Education, Assam is responsible for looking after the education at Technical Institutes/Colleges, Degree, Diploma and ITI level. It also provides Vocational Education in order to prepare the Youth for self-employment.Director of Technical education aims to make availbale of technically qualified people to serve industrial sector and society.

Directorate of Technical Education conducts Engineering Degree, Diploma and Certificate Courses in Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and other institutes. It conducts the entrance exams for the admission in engineering degree, diploma and other technical courses. Directorate of Technical Education has administrative control over government engineering colleges, polytechnics and other technical institutes.

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  • Polytechnics/Institutes

    There are many Government Polytechnics and Institutes under Directorate of Technical Education in Assam. more

  • Faculty

    Fucalties of Technical Institutes and Polytechnics are under automony of Directorate of Technical Education. more

  • Employee

    Director of Technical Education maintains the employeees of the technical institutes and ploytechnics in Assam. more

  • Student's Skyward

    Student's Skyward application gives parents and guardians access to their child's grades, assignments, attendance, schedules, emergency information, and more.more

  • Admission

    Director of Technical Education conducts and maintains the entrance examminations of its polytechnics and institutes.more

  • Examination

    Director of Technical Education conducts and maintains the examminations of its polytechnics and institutes.more

  • Reports

    Director of Technical Education maintains varoius reports of its institutes and polytechnics with their student and teacher records.more

  • Announcement

    This sections notify about variuos announcement make by Director of Technical Education and its institutes and polytechnics.more

  • Settings

    User of the system can make changes in their credntials through this section.more

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